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N2 Lesson 8: 13/22


Because, The reason is

More informal → もんだから/もんで, *ことだから ≠ ものだから


Verb + ものから(1) + Phrase
[い]Adjective + ものから(1) + Phrase
[な]Adjective + + ものから(1) + Phrase
Noun + + ものから(1) + Phrase

(1) もので、もんで、もんだから


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About ものだから

ものだから is a strong phrase that is used when explaining something or giving an excuse for one's reasoning. This grammar structure can simply be thought of as an extension of から 'because', with the noun もの 'thing' having its usual role of emphasizing what is said before it. Common translations include 'because (A)', and 'the reason is (A)'.
ものだから may appear directly after verbs and い-Adjectives, or な-Adjectives and nouns that are followed with な.
  • すみません、(いま)仕事(しごと)をしているものだから、また(あと)でかけ(なお)します。
    Sorry, because I am working right now, I will call you back later.
  • 週末(しゅうまつ)(ひと)(おお)ものだから週末(しゅうまつ)()くのはあまりお(すす)めしません。
    I would not recommend going on the weekends, because it is usually crowded on weekends.
  • (なま)(さかな)苦手(にがて)ものだから寿司(すし)()べられない。
    I can't eat sushi because I don't like raw fish.
  • (かれ)新人(しんじん)ものだから、まだこの会社(かいしゃ)のルールをよくわかっていない。
    Because he is new, he doesn't really understand the rules of this company.
Occasionally, ものだから will be abbreviated to もので, or もんで, without any change in the overall meaning. The change of だ to its conjunctive form で indicates that there is something coming after, despite the fact that what comes after may sometimes be omitted if it is obvious.
  • 今日(きょう)夕方(ゆうがた)から(むすめ)発表会(はっぴょうかい)があるもので(わたし)はそろそろ(かえ)りますね。
    Because my daughter has a recital this evening, I am going to go home soon.
  • 最近(さいきん)日本語(にほんご)(はな)機会(きかい)()ってきているもんで日本語(にほんご)(わす)れてきた(かん)じがする。
    I feel as if I have forgotten some Japanese, because I have fewer opportunities to speak Japanese these days.
  • まあ、(やす)もんで...
    Well, because it's cheap…
Fun-fact - Although it is not a rule, ものだから will primarily be used when explaining one's actions, as a way of emphasizing that the situation of (A) specifically led to the speaker doing (B).




    Because there was a lot of traffic, I could not come in time. Sorry for being late.


    Because I am bad at English, taking trips abroad isn't fun.


    Because I bought a house in the suburbs, the commute to work takes two hours.


    Because it is painted black with ink, I don't know what was written.


    Because rain changed the batting arrangement, the pitcher isn't doing very well.

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