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N4 Lesson 3: 18/18


To want to (Third person)


Verb[た+ がる


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About たがる

As we explored in our lesson about がる, this verb can be used with adjectives, to express the way in which people are acting. However, it can also be partnered with the auxiliary verb たい, to form たがる. This grammar construction is used when expressing that someone is acting like they 'want' to do something.
To use this structure, attach たい to the ます stem form of any verb, then replace the い in たい with がる.
  • ジョンなんでいつも悪口(わるぐち)()たがるだろう
    I wonder why John always wants to talk badly about people.
  • (みんな)(かれ)(つく)ケーキ()たがる
    Everyone always wants to eat the cakes that he makes.
たがる is in contrast to てほしい which means 'to want someone to do (A)'. These differences will need to be practiced, and memorized.
  • (かれ)このステーキ()たがる
    He will want to eat this steak. (He will act like he wants to)
  • (かれ)このステーキ()てほしい
    I want him to eat this steak. (I want him to)
This is also in contrast to the い-Adjective ()しい 'to want (A)'. To describe that someone seems like they want something (rather than that they want to 'do' something), がる will be paired with this adjective.
  • 田中君(たなかくん)(あたら)ゲーム()そのゲームほしがる
    When Tanaka-kun sees a new game, he always wants it.




    He is acting like he wants to go to the zoo.


    My daughter always wants to play sports.


    My girlfriend wants to see a recently released movie.


    If that kid wants to go home, that's alright, isn't it?


    He wanted to buy a PC, so (and) he even worked weekends.

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たがる – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (11 in total)

  • indutny



    I feel a bit stupid, but why does the answer to this question is “行きたがる” and not ”いったがる”?


    The verb in the hint is just 行く so I expected to use its conjugation: 行ったがる

  • IcyIceBear


    The verb stem is 行き like 行きます. So verb stem +たがる is 行きたがる “(they) want to go”. I don’t don’t what order of lessons your doing, but another thing that might help the way you think of it is how you make simple “I want to verb” statements.

    行く→行きたい → I want to go
    行きたがる→someone other than me wants to go

  • indutny


    Ah, gosh. I was stupid indeed! Somehow I was thinking about past tense of the verb, even though the grammar point was about “3rd person wanting to do”. Thanks for the explanation!

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