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N2 Lesson 2: 16/24


After, As a conclusion of


Verb[た]+ すえ (に)
Noun + + すえ (に)


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About た末・の末

Appearing with verbs in their past form, or grouped with nouns after の is (すえ), a word meaning 'end tip'. に will follow (すえ) , marking the 'tip' as the point from which something will result.
While this grammar pattern is usually translated as 'after (A), (B)', or 'as a result of (A), (B)', the nuance is on various things having happened along the way, and then finally reaching the 'point' or 'conclusion' of (A).
  • 色々(いろいろ)(かんが)(すえ)に、お(とう)さんの会社(かいしゃ)()ぐことに()めた。
    After much thought, I decided to take over my father's company.
  • (まよ)いに(まよ)(すえ)に、彼女(かのじょ)(わか)れることにした。
    After much hesitation, I decided to break up with her.
  • 5(ねん)(かん)にわたる(あらそ)(すえ)、アメリカ(ぐん)撤退(てったい)開始(かいし)した。
    After five years of conflict, the U.S. military began to withdraw.
  • 社長(しゃちょう)(なが)議論(ぎろん)(すえ)人事(じんじ)伊藤(いとう)さんをクビにすることに()めた。
    After a long discussion with the president, we decided to fire Ito-san from human resources.
(すえ) may highlight either positive or negative results, but will suggest that some long-lasting effort or struggle eventually resulted in (B).



  • 苦難(くなん)(すえ)(じゅう)(かべ)にかけて普通(ふつう)生活(せいかつ)(おく)りはじめた。

    After (much) suffering, he was able to hang up his gun and start an ordinary life.

    • 大学(だいがく)卒業(そつぎょう)()どうしようかと(なや)(すえ)、ベンチャー企業(きぎょう)()()げることにした。

      After (continuously) worrying about what to do after graduation, I decided to start a business.

      • いろいろ面接(めんせつ)(すえ)(だい)企業(きぎょう)(やと)われたんだ。

        After many interviews (repeating many times), I was hired by a big company.

        • 彼女(かのじょ)(なが)議論(ぎろん)(すえ)来年(らいねん)の6(がつ)結婚(けっこん)することに()めた。

          After a (long) discussion with my girlfriend, we have decided to get married next June.

          • (あたま)(いた)かったせいで(ねむ)れない(よる)()ごし(すえ)医者(いしゃ)()てもらおうと()めた。

            After suffering through a (long) sleepless night due to a headache, I decided to see a doctor.

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