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Just by, Just with


Verb + だけ
Noun + だけ


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About だけで

だけで is a combination of the adverbial particle だけ, and the case marking particle. This expression is regularly thought of as meaning 'just by (A), (B)'. However, the literal translation is a bit closer to 'with only (A), (B)'. This reflects the particle's standard usage of showing a 'tool' that is being used to achieve a certain result.
To use だけで, simply attach it to the end of any (non ます) form of verb, or noun.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)(はな)だけで(たの)
    Just talking with my girlfriend is fun. (We don't need to do anything else, because talking is fun enough)
  • これ電子(でんし)レンジだけでオーブン機能(きのう)ついていない
    This is just a microwave, an oven function is not included.
Fun Fact
だけ differs from しか in one very important way. だけ highlights that there is/was more than one option, but that only one thing was chosen/used. However, しか implies that there is only one possible option to begin with.




    Just (by) going to a party is fun.


    I could tell he was a good person just by his face.


    We became good friends just by spending time together.


    Just by looking at him I determined that he had a bad personality.


    Just by being with my family I am happy.

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だけで – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

  • eefara


    Hmm. So if you changed the sentence to
    見舞いに行くだけいいよ。, how would that change the meaning? Would that be ungrammatical now?

  • mrnoone


    だけいい can be used in some context but will mean a little bit different thing. While Aだけでいい will mean that something is good enough and nothing else is needed,
    Aだけいい will mean that the situation is not good, but A is better than nothing (or better than some other situation that is mentioned). Basically comparison.
    You can also say the same thing using だけまし.

    Coming even if just for 5 minutes is better than nothing.


  • deltacat3


    Just by you saying that I know that you are nice.

    Why is 優しい marked with と? Is this a quotation of sorts?

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