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But, Still, However, Nevertheless


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About だが・ですが

While だが (or ですが as a polite equivalent) are classified as their own words, they are actually just combinations of , or です, and . だが is usually used as a formal way of saying 'but', or 'nevertheless'. Due to this, we can see that is being used to 'determine' that a statement is true, while simply shows that there is other important information to follow.
In this way, だが is very similar to the expression 'that may be, but…' in English. だが may be used at the beginning of any phrase, or between sentences.
  • (かれ)弁護士(べんごし)だが(あたま)()ない不思議(ふしぎ)
    He is a lawyer, but he is not very smart… How odd.
  • (たから)くじ100(まい)()だが()たらなかった
    I bought 100 lottery tickets. However, I didn't win.
When using ですが, it will automatically mean that the rest of the sentence should also use polite speech.
  • 美容室(びようしつ)()です(たか)かったので(かえ)ました
    I went to the hair salon, but since it was expensive, I came home.
To make だが sound a little bit softer, sometimes is added. However, this is not so common in modern-day Japanese, and is more limited to the older generation.
  • (きみ)いい(ひと)()いただがまだ(きみ)信用(しんよう)できない
    I have heard that you are a good person. However, I can't trust you yet.
Fun Fact
Due to だが and ですが using (the formal equivalent of けど), this phrase can sound quite stiff. Therefore, it is far more common to hear でも at the beginning of a sentence in casual speech.


  • 大統領(だいとうりょう)()いましたですが(わたし)(しん)ません

    The president said that. However, I don't believe it.

  • 毎日(まいにち)運動(うんどう)しました。ですが()ていません

    I exercised everyday. However, I haven't lost any weight.

  • 本当(ほんとう)(わたし)なくてはならないだがね(きみ)てほしい

    Really, it is I who has to do it. However, I want you to do it.

  • これ基本(きほん)ルールだが例外(れいがい)ある

    This is a basic rule. However, there are also exceptions.

  • 明日(あした)から旅行(りょこう)()きますですがまだチケット()っていません

    I am going on a trip tomorrow. However, I still haven't bought my ticket.

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だが・ですが – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (16 in total)

  • MeTheHamster


    本当ほんとうは私わたしがしなくてはならない。 だがね 、君きみにしてほしい。

    As someone else mentioned, could there be a hint as to who is speaking?

    Lessons says:
    [だがね can be used in speech but it is rarely used nowadays and mostly limited to the older generation]
    So it wasn’t obvious to me I had to use this one

  • semanticman


    I agree that this is confusing. The lesson says:

    “To make だが sound a little bit softer, sometimes ね is added. However, this is not so common in modern-day Japanese, and is more limited to the older generation.”

    But in response to supplying ”だが” as the answer, this hint appears:

    “ だが is used in formal written language, could you use a form that can be used in conversation? Hint: Just add something at the end.”

    This appears to be a contradiction.

  • Yumari-1


    Aaand here I’m chiming in to see that the exact thing I wanted to write was already here. Sorry for the thread necro, but I really think that it’s confusing the way the lesson states it’s just an old relic, but you suddenly have to write it down in response to this one:


    If the lesson traches you だが/ですが, then why require a different form? Should we use it or not after all? And in what circumstances if so?

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