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N3 Lesson 1: 9/22


As for, Speaking of, Casual は (Sentence topic marker)

Used primarily in spoken language


Sentence topic + って


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About って

Although って can be used as a casual quotation marker in Japanese (replacing と), it is also frequently used as a casual topic marker (replacing は). This is something that occurs primarily in spoken language, and will come directly after the sentence topic, in exactly the same way as the adverbial particle は usually would.
  • (わたし)って(みんな)(きら)われている
    Am I disliked by everyone?
  • トマトって野菜(やさい)なの?フルーツなの
    Are tomatoes vegetables? Are they fruits?




    As for the pasta, it is delicious, don't you think?


    As for that person, who is it?


    As for the teacher, she is nice, don't you think?


    As for studying Japanese, it is hard.


    As for winter, it is cold, but snow is pretty.

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って – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

  • Isurandil492


    Maybe I’m missing something, but:

    スマホって 高くないですか?

    As for smartphones, they are expensive, aren’t they?

    Shouldn’t it be “高いですか”? If not, how would you translate “As for smartphones, they are not expensive, are they?”?

  • IcyIceBear


    スマホって 高くないですか?
    Smartphones, are they not expensive?/aren’t they expensive?
    (Almost in a rhetorical way, like speaker already knows or suspects they are indeed expensive )

    スマホって 高いですか?
    Smartphones, are they expensive?
    (Sounds like they genuinely don’t have any clue whether they are cheap or not)

    I would expand but it’s 2 am and I’m tired lmao hope this helps so last a little bit

  • Isurandil492


    I see, the question tag carries the negative form, so it’s just that the translation is a bit loose. Question answered, thank you very much.

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