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N2 Lesson 4: 16/18


If, With, Since, Because


Verb[て]+ (1)
[な]Adjective + (2)
Noun + (2)

(1) Verb[] + ちゃ
(2) じゃ


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About ては

When the particles て and は are combined, they form a regular composite structure that is used primarily to highlight repeating actions, or to make assessments or judgments about potential situations. In this grammar structure, we will be looking at the nuance that is used with potential situations. This may be interpreted simply as 'if (A), (B)', 'when (A), (B)', or 'because of (A), (B)'.
At times when used as 'if', ては will generally express some sort of negative expectation or comment.
Depending on what ては appears after, では may be used instead. This is the case when following nouns, な-Adjectives, or verbs that require で to be used instead of て when conjugating.
  • そのように(ちから)()れて(まわ)てはネジがだめになってしまいますよ。
    If you turn it with such force, you're going to ruin the screw.
  • そんなに(なが)ては(かばん)(はい)らないので、半分(はんぶん)()ってください。
    It won't fit in my bag if it's that long, so please fold it in half.
  • (わたし)掃除(そうじ)苦手(にがて)なので、そんな几帳面(きちょうめん)では(わたし)()むことができないだろう。
    I don't like cleaning, so if you are that well-organized, you probably won't be able to live with me. (You probably won't enjoy living with me)
  • そんな貧乏(びんぼう)くさい格好(かっこう)ではあのレストランには(はい)れないよ。
    If you have such a poor-looking outfit, they won't let you into that restaurant.
As with many other structures that use ては or では, it will often be shortened to じゃ or ちゃ.
  • リーダーがあの(ひと)じゃ(いや)です。どうしてもあの(ひと)じゃないといけないなら(わたし)(べつ)のチームに()れてください。
    If that person is the leader, screw that. If there is really no other way than making that person the leader, then please put me on a different team.
  • (はん)全部(ぜんぶ)()べなくちゃ(おお)きくなれないよ。
    If you don't eat all your food, you won't grow.


  • このような間違(まちが)いを何回(なんかい)もしていては夏休(なつやす)課題(かだい)はやりきれない。

    If you continue to make mistakes like these, you won't be able to finish the summer assignment.

  • ()(まえ)にそんなコーヒー()では()られない。

    If you drink coffee before going to bed, you won't be able to sleep a wink.

  • そんな服装(ふくそう)ではあの(みせ)には()れてもらえない

    With those clothes, you won't be able to enter that shop.

  • そのような給与(きゅうよ)ではあの工場(こうじょう)(はたら)には無理(むり)がある。

    It is not worth working in that factory if that is what you will be paid.

  • そのような()()では周囲(しゅうい)あなたを「馬鹿(ばか)(ひと)」と評価(ひょうか)し、(だれ)あなた(たい)して真面目(まじめ)相手(あいて)をしないでしょう。

    With behavior like that, you will be labeled a fool by those around you and no one will treat you seriously.

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