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N2 Lesson 7: 4/21

can be considered as, is thought to be, one can think that, it is conceivable that

考えられている is for a generally accepted opinion only

Phrase + 考えられる
Phrase + 考えられます
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In order to express an objective opinion in Japanese, the expression と考(かん)えられる will often be used. This is a combination of と, and the passive-indicating auxiliary verb られる. Common translations for this structure include ‘can be considered as (A)’, ‘is thought to be (A)’, or ‘it is conceivable that (A)’.
As と考(かん)えられる begins with と, this structure will frequently appear at the end of entire phrases, converting them into a quote.
  • あの事故(じこ)は煽(あお)り運転(うんてん)のせいだと考(かん)えられる
    Tailgating is thought to be the cause of this accident.
  • 日本語(にほんご)は文字種(もじしゅ)が多(おお)いことから、第二(だいに)言語(げんご)として習(なら)うのが難(むずか)しいと考(かん)えられる
    It is thought that Japanese is difficult to learn as a second language due to having several different character types.
When wanting to express a subjective opinion, と思(おも)われる will be used instead.
  • 私(わたし)には彼(かれ)がこの事件(じけん)の犯人(はんにん)だと思(おも)われる
    It seems to me that he is the one responsible for this incident.
  • 私(わたし)にはあなたが悪(わる)いと思(おも)われる
    It seems to me that you are in the wrong.
Fun-fact - The primary difference between a subjective and objective opinion is that an objective opinion is primarily based on observable facts about the topic (unbiased and focuses on the object), while a subjective opinion is based more on emotions, feelings, or preferences (may be biased, regardless of what is actually true about the topic).
Caution - Compared to と考(かん)えられている, と考(かん)えられる focuses more on judgements, while the former is primarily used to illustrate widely accepted opinions.
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China may well be considered the new superpower if it maintains its current economic growth.
The excessive intake of products rich in sugar is thought to be one of the causes of getting Type 2 diabetes and similar conditions.
The nature of light is actually thought to be both a particle and a wave.

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