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N3 Lesson 7: 10/21


There is no doubt that, I'm sure


Verb + (ちが)いない
[い]Adjective + (ちが)いない
[な]Adjective + (ちが)いない
Noun + (ちが)いない


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About に違いない

When the case marking particle is combined with the noun (ちが)い 'difference', and the い-Adjective ない, an expression similar to 'there is no doubt that (A)', or 'I'm sure that (A)' is created.
(ちが)いない may be used with any verbs, い-Adjectives, な-Adjectives or nouns in their plain form.
  • (かれ)は、先生(せんせい)いなくなったらふざける(ちが)いない
    There is no doubt that they will muck around once the teacher has gone.
  • あなた美味(おい)しいというなら美味(おい)しい(ちが)いない
    If you say that it is good, I have no doubt that it is.
  • タナカ(くん)全然(ぜんぜん)料理(りょうり)()べてないこの料理(りょうり)(きら)(ちが)いない
    Takana-kun is not eating his food at all. There is no doubt that he does not like it.
  • (いま)ピンポンは近所(きんじょ)子供(こども)いたずら(ちが)いない
    There's no doubt that the doorbell I just heard must have been a prank by the neighbor's kid.
Fun Fact
As is marking the preceding word in this expression as an existing location (or state), (ちが)いない is stating that no 'variance' exists within that state. This means that the literal translation of (ちが)いない is close to 'there is no discrepancy in (A)'.
  • あの(ひと)はカメラマン(かこ)まれている有名人(ゆうめいじん)(ちが)いない
    That person is surrounded by cameramen. There is no discrepancy in that person being famous. (No reason to disbelieve)
It should be noted that (ちが)いない is a combination of a noun and an い-Adjective, and not the negative form of the う - Verb (ちが)う, which would be (ちが)わない. (ちが)いない translates as 'there is no difference', while (ちが)わない would translate as 'it is not different'.


  • 彼女(かのじょ)病気(びょうき)(ちが)ない

    There is no doubt that she is sick.

  • 現場(げんば)(かれ)(かみ)()()つかったので、(かれ)犯人(はんにん)(ちが)ない

    His hair was found at the scene. There is no doubt that he is the offender.

  • あんな(ころ)(かた)をして、(いた)(ちが)ない

    Falling in that way, there is no doubt that it hurts.

  • 何回(なんかい)()(りん)()しても()てこない。きっと()ている(ちが)ない

    No matter how many times I ring the bell, they won't come out. I am sure they are sleeping.

  • あの()(かた)だと、(なに)(かく)している(ちが)ない

    From the way he speaks, there is no doubt that he is hiding something.

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    What is the difference between に違いない vs 違いがない

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