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About へ

is a particle used when describing a place that someone or something is 'moving toward', or 'in contact with'. In many cases, the particles and are interchangeable, but there is a slight difference in meaning. focuses more on the distance/effort required to get between (A) and (B), while focuses more on the connection between (A) and (B). always comes after the noun signifying the destination.
  • (わたし)フランス()
    I will go to France.
  • 明日(あした)東京(とうきょう)()
    I will go to Tokyo tomorrow.
In these examples, while they may seem the same at first glance, shows that there is a space between (A) and (B), while puts the emphasis solely on the destination. This is why common expressions such as 'city/country name ようこそ' sound very polite. It is like saying 'Welcome, and we acknowledge your journey/effort to get here'.
  • 大阪(おおさか)ようこそ!
    Welcome to Osaka!
  • BPRニュースようこそ。
    Welcome to BPR News.
In the TV-show example, this commonly means 'thank you for your effort to watch this particular show, out of all the ones you could have chosen'.


  • 大阪(おおさか)ようこそ。

    Welcome to Osaka.

    ~へようこそ is a set phrase meaning 'Welcome to ~'.

  • ここ

    To here?

  • (わたし)電車(でんしゃ)大阪(おおさか)()

    I go to Osaka by train.

  • 神戸(こうべ)()

    To go to Kobe.

  • (いえ)(かえ)

    To return to one's house.

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