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Before, In front of


Verb + (まえ)
Noun + + (まえ)


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About まえに

(まえ) is used when describing something that is either 'before something' (in time), or 'in front of something' (a location). It is used with verbs (in their non-past form), or nouns. When used with nouns, is required before (まえ).


Another similar construction to (まえ) is 手前(てまえ). (まえ) can be used for something that is in front of any location. However, 手前(てまえ) may only be used when things in front of you (or someone/something else) are being described physically.

  • 銀行(ぎんこう)(まえ)あるラーメン()
    The ramen shop in front of the bank.
  • (わたし)手前(てまえ)ある着物(きもの)(たか)です
    The kimono right in front of me is expensive.




    Before eating we say 'いただきます'.


    Before going home I will study.


    I've been here before.


    I will wash my hands before I eat.


    There is a desk in front of the TV.

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まえに – Grammar Discussion

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  • Fuga


    Hi there!

    Both 病院の前にあるコンビニ, and 病院の前にコンビニがある are correct, but they have a slight difference in the nuance. 病院の前にあるコンビニ has the nuance of ‘The convenience store that exists in front of the hospital’ and 病院の前にコンビニがある has the nuance of ‘A convenience store exists in front of the hospital’. I hope that helps.

  • Malox


    Yeah I think that helped, thanks!

  • dokidokiwakuwaku


    Can someone elaborate on the distinction between this point and 手前? Thank you!

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