N5 Lesson 5: 12/15
る - Verbs[なかった] る - Verbs[ませんでした]

る - Verbs[なかった]

る - Verbs Negative Past Tense

⚠ When a past negative sentence has a connection with the present
for example
something was expected to happen but has not happened for the moment
the verb[て] + いません construction is used instead

Structure Legend
​​食べ + なかった
​​見 + なかった
​​寝 + なかった
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The negative past form is used to express “did not” or “was not” meaning.
The negative past short form of the るverbs is formed by replacing the る of the dictionary form with the suffix なかった, for polite form, the suffixes ませんでした or なかったです are used instead.

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I didn’t eat sushi.

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