N5 Lesson 5: 10/15


⚠ が can sometimes mean something closer to "and" or comma simply connecting clauses without any contrastive meaning
also sometimes the clause after が can be omitted

Structure Legend
Verb +
[い]Adjective +
[な]Adjective + +
Noun + +
[Used often in both polite speech and in writing]

Classification from least formal to the most:
[けど << けども << けれど << けれども ⇄ が]

[More information on politeness levels]

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It is difficult, but I will do my best.
In an AがB sentence, unlike many other grammar points, the politeness in the A and B clauses (parts of the sentence) should match. So 難しいが、頑張る and 難しいですが、頑張ります are correct. However 難しいが、頑張ります would be considered unnatural by a great number of speakers.

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