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N2 Lesson 6: 3/20

while, on the other hand, although, however

Verb + 反面
[い]Adjective + 反面
[な]Adjective + (1) + 反面
Noun + である + 反面
Phrase + + (、)+ 反面

(1) である
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反面(はんめん), a noun meaning 'the opposing side', is a construction in Japanese that appears between two phrases, to show two contrasting or opposite features of a single person or thing. This usually translates as 'while (A), (B)', 'although (A), also (B)', 'on the other hand to (A), (B)'.
Being a noun, 反面(はんめん), can be used after any word that could create a modified noun, such as verbs, い-Adjectives, な-Adjectives, or even other nouns followed by である.
  • 都内(とない)に引(ひ)っ越(こ)して色々(いろいろ)と便利(べんり)になった反面(はんめん)、家賃(やちん)が前(まえ)住(す)んでいた所(ところ)の倍(ばい)になった。
    While moving to Tokyo has made many things more convenient, the rent has doubled from where I used to live.
  • カリフォルニアの夏(なつ)は日本(にほん)より熱(あつ)い反面(はんめん)、湿度(しつど)が低(ひく)いので過(す)ごしやすいそうです。
    Although summer in California is hotter than Japan, I heard that it is more comfortable because of the low humidity.
  • あの日本語(にほんご)教室(きょうしつ)の先生(せんせい)達(たち)は日本語(にほんご)を教(おし)えるのがとても上手(じょうず)な反面(はんめん)、生徒(せいと)達(たち)にはとても厳(きび)しいそうだ。
    Although the teachers at that Japanese language school are very good at teaching Japanese, they are very strict with their students.
  • 田中(たなか)くんはとても頭(あたま)のいい子(こ)である反面(はんめん)、怠(なま)け者(もの)なのでいつも先生(せんせい)に怒(おこ)られています。
    Although Tanaka-kun is very smart, he is always getting scolded by the teacher because he is lazy.
Caution - Because 反面(はんめん), is used to express contradictions, it will most often describe a positive and a negative, but cannot describe a positive and another positive, or a negative and another negative.
  • あのパティシエが作(つく)るお菓子(おかし)はとても美味(おい)しそうに見(み)える反面(はんめん)、食(た)べてみると味(あじ)はいまいちだそうだ。
    While the pastries made by that pastry chef look very tasty, the taste is not so good when you try them.
  • あのパティシエが作(つく)るお菓子(かし)はとても美味(おい)しそうに見(み)える反面(はんめん)、とても美味(おい)しいそうだ。
    While the pastries made by that pastry chef look very tasty, apparently, they taste very good.
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While tropical forests look pretty, they are extremely dangerous because they house things like wild animals and tropical diseases.
Although exercising often is good for your health, since people desire achievements beyond their abilities, they tend to injure themselves.
While living alone is fun, it is also necessary for you to do all the cooking, cleaning, and the like.
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