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N2 Lesson 2: 4/24


More than, No less than, Even more


Verb + 以上(いじょう)
[い]Adjective + 以上(いじょう)
[な]Adjective + 以上(いじょう)
Noun + 以上(いじょう)
以上(いじょう) + + Noun


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About 以上に

Like other structures that include 以上(いじょう) 'beyond', 以上(いじょう) highlights that (A) is beyond some specific extent. In this grammar pattern, the case marking particleに will indicate the word that 以上(いじょう) is attached to as an amount.
With (A) being considered as 'beyond' something, 以上(いじょう) can be translated as 'more than (A)', or 'even more than (A)'.以上(いじょう) may be used after verbs, い-Adjectives, な-Adjectives, or nouns in their standard forms.
  • (あたら)しく発売(はつばい)した商品(しょうひん)評判(ひょうばん)(おも)っていた以上(いじょう)()かったのでびっくりした。
    I was surprised to find that the newly launched product was more well-received than I had expected.
  • 今日(きょう)(かぜ)(つめ)たい以上(いじょう)(いた)い。
    More than it is cold, today's wind is painful.
  • (いま)節約(せつやく)(ちゅう)だから必要(ひつよう)以上(いじょう)(かね)使(つか)わないようにしてる。
    Since I am saving money right now, I am trying not to use more money than necessary.
  • (わたし)はスキー以上(いじょう)スノーボードが()きだ。
    I like snowboarding more than skiing.
Occasionally, に may be replaced by の when a specific amount or quantity is being indicated with a second noun. The noun attached to の may not always obviously be an 'amount', but it is something that the speaker is 'measuring' in regard to (A).
  • (ぼく)最初(さいしょ)のライブに想像(そうぞう)していた以上(いじょう)(ひと)(あつ)まったので、すごく(うれ)しかった。
    I was very happy that more people than I expected showed up to my first concert.
  • (わたし)先輩(せんぱい)(おも)った以上(いじょう)人生(じんせい)(おく)っている。
    My senpai is living a better life than I thought.


  • 天気(てんき)予想(よそう)以上(いじょう)(わる)かった。

    The weather was worse than I thought (it would be).

  • ()べられる(りょう)以上(いじょう)料理(りょうり)注文(ちゅうもん)してしまった。

    I ordered more food than I am able to eat.

  • (かれ)には(おも)った以上(いじょう)人生(じんせい)がある。

    He has more of a life than I thought.

  • (かれ)温泉(おんせん)以上(いじょう)この旅館(りょかん)料理(りょうり)()()ったらしい。

    He seems to like the food at this ryokan more than he likes the onsen.

  • (かれ)は、カーブ以上(いじょう)シュートをよく()げる投手(とうしゅ)です。

    He is a pitcher who throws screwballs more than curve balls.

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以上に – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

  • Juppy


    Thank you so much! I kept thinking “isn’t it just 好きじゃない” so I was really thrown off by the なん.

    This actually stems from my persistent weakness in using ん because I keep brushing it off as “unnecessary” to convey my message. Zzzz.

  • wrt7MameLZE33wlmpCAV


    For the given example sentence

    He has more of a life than I thought.

    does というより also work, or does that have a difference nuance to it?

  • Fuga


    Hey @wrt7MameLZE33wlmpCAV, sorry for the late reply !

    というより would not work here. Although というより and 以上に can be translated as ‘more of a… than a…’, というより has the nuance of ‘rather than saying…’ and used when comparing something. 以上に has the nuance of ‘more than’, as in ‘more than or equal to’. So, replacing it would make both the Japanese and the English sentence sound unnatural.

    Rather than saying that he thought, he has a life.

    I hope that clears it up!

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