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N3 Lesson 9: 4/22

intended for, aimed at

Noun + 向け(に)
Noun + 向け + + Noun
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向(む)け is a shortened form of the transitive verb 向(む)ける ‘to aim at’, and is considered to be a 造語(ぞうご) (neologism). This means a word that was created for a specific purpose, and may not necessarily be used for anything outside of that purpose. The purpose of 向(む)け is to attach to other nouns, in order to express that something is ‘intended for (A)’, ‘aimed at (A)’, or ‘oriented toward (A)’.
向(む)け may be seen followed by the 格助詞(かくじょし) (case marking particle) (when followed by a phrase), or the 格助詞(かくじょし) の, when linked with another noun.
  • この教科書(きょうかしょ)は上級者(じょうきゅうしゃ)向(む)け書(か)いてある。
    This textbook is written oriented toward advanced people.
  • 子供(こども)向(む)け書(か)かれた本(ほん)読(よ)んで日本語(にほんご)勉強(べんきょう)したら?
    Why don't you study Japanese by reading books written for children?
  • オフィス向(む)けパソコン10台(だい)買(か)うとしたらいくらになりますか。
    If I were to buy 10 computers intended for office use, how much would that cost?
  • これは大人(おとな)向(む)け映画(えいが)だから、お前(まえ)は見(み)せれないよ。
    This movie is intended for adults so I can't show it to you.
In terms of products and similar items, although 向(む)け highlights that something has been intended for (A), it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is limited to (A).
  • 私(わたし)住(す)んでいる所(ところ)は一人(ひとり)暮(ぐ)らし向(む)けアパートだけれども、3人(にん)家族(かぞく)でもなん不便(ふべん)無(な)く住(す)める。
    The place I am living is intended for one person, but even as a three person family, we can live there with no inconveniences.
向(む)け, coming from the transitive verb 向(む)ける is used far more often to express that something has been specifically designed for (A). On the other hand, the suffix stemming from the intransitive verb 向(む)く, (向(む)き), expresses something that faces toward (A), but perhaps not intentionally.
  • そのおもちゃは猫(ねこ)向(む)け作(つく)られている
    That toy is made for cats.
  • 上級者(じょうきゅうしゃ)向(む)き本(ほん)は難(むずか)しいです
    Books suitable for advanced learners are hard.
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This TV program is aimed at adults.
This textbook is intended for people who are learning math, so it won’t help those who are studying Japanese.
'Dragonball' is an anime aimed at young people, but it is not intended for elementary school students or younger.