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N2 Lesson 5: 7/18

therefore・thus, as a result

だから can always take the place of したがって、but したがって cannot always take the place of だから

(Cause). したがっ + (Result)
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When used as a conjunction, the う-Verb 従(したが)う ‘to comply’ in its て-form will indicate that something is ‘following on from (A), (B)’, or ‘as a result of (A), (B)’. As 従(したが)う highlights something that ‘obeys with (A)’, this construction will only be used to show a logical conclusion that is caused by (A).
A typical pattern where 従(したが)って will be seen, is two sentences in which the first expresses a cause, and the second begins with 従(したが)って and then lists the logical result.
  • 現在(げんざい)東名(とうめい)高速(こうそく)の名古屋(なごや)インターと岡崎(おかざき)インターの間(あいだ)でリニューアル工事(こうじ)が行(おこな)われている。従(したが)って、その区間(くかん)は現在(げんざい)通行止(つうこうど)めとなっている。
    Renewal work is currently underway on the Tomei Expressway between the Nagoya Interchange and the Okazaki Interchange. Therefore, that section is currently closed.
  • 今年(ことし)は去年(きょねん)より台風(たいふう)が多(おお)かったです。従(したが)って、今年(ことし)の米(こめ)の値段(ねだん)は去年(きょねん)より高(たか)くなるでしょう。
    There were more typhoons this year than last year. Therefore, the price of rice this year will be higher than last year.
  • 会社(かいしゃ)ではインフルエンザが流行(はや)っている。従(したが)って、会議(かいぎ)は全(すべ)てオンラインで行(おこな)われることになった。
    The flu is going around in my company. Therefore, it has been decided that all meetings are going to take place online.
This is a fairly formal grammar pattern, so is more likely to be encountered in more formal speech or writing.
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Copper, in spite of having many uses, is a metal with a relatively low output. Therefore, price per ton is extremely high.
In this area, rain has been falling over a span of two weeks. Thus, there is a possibility of flooding.
"したがって" and "だから" both mean "therefore" in English. As a result, both can take on the same role, however, there are exceptions. "したがって" can be rephrased into "だから" in every case, but the reverse is not always true.
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