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Accordingly, now・therefore, to that end

(Situation) Phrase。そこ + (Solution) Phrase
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そこで (very rarely seen as 其処(そこ)で) is a combination of そこ ‘there’, and the 格助詞(かくじょし) (case marking particle) . It is often translated as ‘to that end’, or ‘accordingly’. Literally, it just means ‘at that place’, with ’s use as ‘with’ or ‘by’ highlighting that something will be done there (‘there’ often being a situation). This phrase behaves very similarly to ‘as such’ in English.
Usually, a first sentence will highlight what the ‘situation’ is, before そこで goes on to explain how that situation was or will be resolved.
  • 彼(かれ)は雨(あめ)中(なか)、傘(かさ)なしで立(た)っているそこで、私(わたし)は車(くるま)から出(で)て彼(かれ)私(わたし)傘(かさ)あげた。
    He is standing in the rain without an umbrella. As such, I got out of the car and gave him mine.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)結婚(けっこん)することにしたそこで、彼女(かのじょ)親(おや)実家(じっか)に行(い)って挨拶(あいさつ)すること決(き)めた。
    I have decided to marry my girlfriend. To that end, I have decided to go to her parents' place to talk to them.
  • うちは泥棒(どろぼう)3回(かい)も入(はい)っているそこで、防犯(ぼうはん)ガラス買(か)うことにした
    Our house has been burgled 3 times already. As such, I have decided to buy an anti-theft window.
As implies the ‘use’ of something, this expression should only highlight actions that are controllable.
  • 信号(しんごう)赤(あか)なったのでブレーキかけた。そこで、後(うしろ)ろ車(くるま)私(わたし)車(くるま)ぶつけられた。
    Because the traffic turned red, I stepped on the breaks. As such, the car behind me crashed into me.
  • 子供(こども)泣(な)き始(はじ)めた。そこで、子供(こども)飴(あめ)あげて落(お)ち着(つ)かせた。
    My kid started to cry. As such, I gave them some candy to calm them down.
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I love her. Accordingly, I decided to ask her to marry me.
I plan to be the top scorer on the test. Therefore, I decided to slightly increase the amount of time I study.
The weather forecast said that a storm is approaching.
Accordingly, I decided to put my potted plants inside.
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