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N5 Lesson 1: 2/12
です です To be, Is Unlike だ, です is often used with both い-Adjectives and な-Adjectives
Noun + です
Adjective + です
Part of Speech Auxillary Verb
Word Type Dependent Word
Register Formal
品詞 助動詞
単語の種類 付属語
使用域 敬語
Similarly to , です is an expression of determination or assertion, and states that something ‘is’ a certain way. です is considered to be the polite variation of .
です connects to words in exactly the same way as , but is also regularly seen attached to the end of い-Adjectives.
  • 大学生(だいがくせい)です
    I am a college student.
  • 店(みせ)です
    It is a store.
  • 綺麗(きれい)です
    It is beautiful.
  • 面白(おもしろ)いです
    It is funny.
Caution: Although です is regularly attached to the end of い-Adjectives, this is actually considered incorrect Japanese, and should not be used in formal writing. In daily ‘spoken’ language, however, it is considered completely normal.
  • 暑(あつ)いです
    It is hot. (Might be considered incorrect in literature and formal writing)
The above example should not be used in formal writing.
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It is you.
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