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Regardless of, No matter what


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About どうしても

どうしても is a construction in Japanese that is often considered to be a stand-alone adverb meaning 'no matter how', or 'regardless of anything'. Originally, it is a combination of the adverb どう 'how', and the ても form of する, しても 'even doing'.
どうしても will regularly be used at the beginning of sentences before conveying something that is considered by the speaker to be 'absolutely true'.
  • どうしても()しいのなら自分(じぶん)()なさい
    If you want it no matter what, buy it yourself.
  • どうしても我慢(がまん)できなくて()っちゃった。
    I accidentally bought it because I couldn't resist no matter what.
Alternatively, どうしても may be used after verbs, following the case marking particle と. This will express that 'if (A) happens, (B) is unavoidable'.
  • 牛乳(ぎゅうにゅう)()むとどうしても(なか)(いた)くなるんです
    Regardless of anything, If I drink milk, I get a stomach ache.
  • ()(まえ)(なか)いっぱい()べるとどうしても()れなくなっちゃうね。
    When I eat till I'm full, before I sleep, I am unable to sleep no matter what.
Fun Fact
As the closest literal meaning of どう in English is 'any', どうしても also translates quite accurately as 'in any case'.
  • どうしてもヘリコプター()くない
    In any case, I don't want to ride a helicopter.




  • どうして土産(みやげ)()いたい。

    I want to buy a souvenir no matter what.

    • ()べるどうして(ねむ)たくなる

      If I eat, I get sleepy no matter what.

      • どうしてアイスクリーム()べたい。

        I want to eat ice cream no matter what.

        • (きみ)どうして(つた)えたいことがある。

          There is something I want to tell you, no matter what.

          • この(くせ)どうして(なお)らない。

            No matter what I do, this habit won't go away.

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