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N2 Lesson 5: 10/18


When it comes to, Regarding, Concerning

Don't confuse with AからBにかけては (over some period of time/area)


Noun + にかけ


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About にかけては

When に is combined with the て-form of the る-Verb ()ける 'to hang' or 'to suspend' and は, a common phrase meaning 'when it comes to (A), (B)', or 'regarding (A), (B)' is created. (A) にかけては (B) is used to express that within a certain field or domain, (B) is the best, or has a distinct advantage.
This expression will be seen following a noun expressing the 'field' that is being discussed.
  • 大工(だいく)技術(ぎじゅつ)にかけては(かれ)一番(いちばん)だ。
    When it comes to carpentry skills, he is the best.
  • (わたし)はゲームは下手(へた)だけど、スポーツにかけては(だれ)にも()けない。
    I am bad at video games, but when it comes to sports, I won't lose to anyone.
  • あのスマホは機能(きのう)にかけては(ほか)のスマホとは(くら)(もの)にはならないほどいい。
    There are no other smartphones that can compare to this one when it comes to features.
Caution - にかけては will always express a positive within (B). Due to this, it will be unnatural to use when highlighting a negative aspect or point.
  • 先輩(せんぱい)歌唱力(かしょうりょく)にかけては社内(しゃない)一番(いちばん)下手(へた)だ。
    My senpai is the worst in the company when it comes to singing. (Unnatural Japanese)
Caution - Be careful not to confuse this grammar point with the にかけて that will appear primarily after nouns that indicate some sort of time-frame within which something occurs.
  • (あさ)から夕方(ゆうがた)にかけて(にく)をゆっくりと煮込(にこ)んだ。
    I slow-cooked the meat from morning to night.




    When it comes to playing RPG games, I won't lose to anyone.


    That idol's dancing skills are nothing special, but when it comes to singing — she is first class.


    When it comes to hand to hand fighting, there is no one superior to Ry*.


    Regarding Haruko's driving skills, they are far superior to mine.


    When it comes to goldfish, I have never met someone more well versed than my uncle.

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