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N4 Lesson 4: 10/18


Isn't it?, Is it not?


Phrase + じゃない +


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About じゃないか

When learning じゃない and ではない, we briefly mentioned that these constructions are regularly partnered with the particle , in order to form a (usually casual) question. In this lesson, we will further explore this usage.
Unlike じゃない and ではない (which need to come after a noun or な-Adjective), じゃないか is able to be attached to the end of almost any phrase, to indicate a question. This is very similar to finishing a sentence with 'isn't it?' in English.
  • キヨコもうすぐ()じゃないか
    Isn't Kiyoko coming soon?
  • そのカメラ(たか)じゃないか
    That camera is expensive, isn't it?
  • この着物(きもの)綺麗(きれい)じゃないか
    This kimono is beautiful, isn't it?
  • あなた(くるま)(わたし)(くるま)より(はや)じゃないか
    Your car is faster than my car, isn't it?
When じゃないか is too casual, ではないか will be used instead. Despite being more formal, this may sound a bit stiff at times, so is best only used when politeness is expected.
  • これ台風(たいふう)影響(えいきょう)ではないか
    This is the typhoon's effect, isn't it?
  • (あそ)んでないで明日(あした)テスト勉強(べんきょう)(ほう)がいいではないか
    Without mucking around, wouldn't it be better if you studied for the test tomorrow?




    You came a little early for the meeting, didn't you?


    Didn't your mom tell you to be home by nine?


    It is scary crossing this bridge, isn't it?


    It was about that, wasn't it?


    It will finish already, won't it?

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じゃないか – Grammar Discussion

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  • simias


    Makes sense, thank you for the help as always!

  • Siesta


    It’s super confusing that de wa nai ka is the polite example, but it’s not accepted as a correct answer. They only except desu.

  • ggoldberg


    I’m noticing all the examples with いadj or verbs before じゃないか add 「ん」, but なadj and nouns don’t. Is this a rule? I don’t see it mentioned in the structure section.

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