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Almost every ~, Nearly every ~, On a ~ basis


(まい) + Time Expression + のように


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About まい~のように

In a similar way to のように, まい~のように states that something is happening 'in the manner/way of (A)'. まい means 'every' (coming from the kanji (まい)), and will always be followed by (A). (A) being a word that expresses some kind of measurement (usually time).
まい~のように is often translated as 'almost every (A)', 'nearly every (A)', or 'on an (A) basis'.
  • (まい)(にち)のようにポテトチップス()てるから(ふと)てき
    Because I eat potato chips almost everyday, I am starting to gain weight.
  • 渋谷(しぶや)(まい)(しゅう)のように()ている
    I go to Shibuya almost every week.
  • (かれ)八月(はちがつ)になる(まい)(とし)のように平和記念資料館(へいわきねんしりょうかん)()
    When August comes, he goes to the peace memorial museum almost every year.
Because よう (from the kanji (よう)) usually expresses the 'manner' in which something is existing/happening, this phrase literally highlights that something occurs 'in the manner of every (A)', and is therefore up to the interpretation of the listener as to whether the speaker means 'every', or 'almost every'.
Although みたいに and のように are regularly interchangeable, that is not the case with まい~のように. This is because みたいだ is originally an abbreviation of the more formal phrase 見たような, and therefore can sound unnatural when used to describe things that cannot be seen, like time.



  • 彼女(かのじょ)(かれ)出会(であ)(まえ)(まい)(にち)のように高校(こうこう)サボっていた

    Before she met him, she used to skip school almost every day.

    • (かれ)その(あと)故郷(ふるさと) (まい)(つき)のように(かえ)った

      After that, he returned to his hometown almost every month.

      • 日本(にほん) (まい)(とし)のように(すく)なくとも1(かい)地震(じしん)()こる。

        There is at least 1 earthquake in Japan nearly every year.

        • 子供(こども)(ころ)(あめ)()れてひど風邪(かぜ)()いたので()かけるとき(まい)(かい)のように(かさ)()っていく

          Since I caught a terrible cold after getting soaked when I was a kid, I take an umbrella with me almost every time I go out.

          • (かれ)(まい)(にち)のように砂糖(さとう)()べすぎたので病気(びょうき)になった

            He fell ill because he ate too much sugar nearly every single day.

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            まい~のように – Grammar Discussion

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              ほぼ is an adverb that means “almost”.

              I don’t think there’s a grammar point for it but there is a vocabulary item.

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              ah Thank you.
              By the way I always wanted to ask. Where does your name come from?
              From the manga or something else?

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              I like cats and mountains

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