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N3 Lesson 6: 12/24


Not only ~ but ~ also, Not just ~ but ~ also

なくて = casual・colloquial, なく = formal・written


Noun + だけ + でなく(1) + Noun +

(1) じゃなく(て)


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About だけでなく(て)~も

As an extension of the standard だけでなく, meaning 'not only, but also', adding the adverbial particle も to the (B) part of a sentence will place extra emphasis on the thing that is being included in the same category as (A).
だけ itself is an adverbial particle, so will primarily follow nouns. After this, the negative conjunctive form of the auxiliary verb だ (でなく) will create the 'not only' meaning.
  • アメリカだけではなく韓国(かんこく)チリ()った(こと)あります。
    Not only the US, I have also been to Korea and Chile.
  • 日本(にほん)地震(じしん)だけでなく台風(たいふう)(おお)です
    Not only are there earthquakes in Japan, there are also many typhoons.
て is not strictly required as part of this structure, but will help to create a far more natural 'separation' between (A) and (B) when it is used.
  • 漫画(まんが)子供(こども)だけではなくて大人(おとな)人気(にんき)あります。
    Not only is manga popular amongst children, it is popular among adults too.
Either じゃなく or じゃなくて may also be used, as is the case with all でなく and ではなく based grammar structures.
  • 年玉(としだま)子供(こども)だけじゃなく大人(おとな)ももらえたらいいのにね。
    Don't you think it would be nice if adults also got money during new years and not just kids?
  • 遊園地(ゆうえんち)だけじゃなくて動物園(どうぶつえん)()れて()てほしい
    Not only the amusement park, I also want you to take me to the zoo.


  • アイスクリームだけじゃなく、プリン()ました

    I didn't just buy ice cream, I also bought pudding.

  • (つくえ)だけじゃなく椅子(いす)ほしい。

    I don't just want a desk, I want a chair too.

  • 市場(いちば)だけでなくスーパーいきませんか。

    Won't you not only go to the market, but the store too?

  • (きみ)だけじゃなく(ぼく)(わる)かったと(おも)っている。

    It's not only you, I think that I am also to blame.

  • 原因(げんいん)それだけじゃなく(ほか)ある(おも)います。

    That is not the only reason, I think there is something else too.

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だけでなく(て)~も – Grammar Discussion

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  • seanblue


    I think you should remove the second link ( from the resources. The first answer to that question gives conflicting statements about the formality of なく vs なくて, and I think it could cause confusion.

  • Scyamntic


    Is there a nuance/usage rule to だけではなくて vs だけでなくて? My gut feeling is that the former marks the “not only X” part of the thought as the core subject. And if I where to add anything further, it would add to the “why” of “not only A but also B”. e.g. “I not only like ice cream but also pudding, because when I was younger the girl I liked shared some with me”. Whereas だけでなくて, strikes me as extra added information in service of a related subject which started the thought. Is this sensible or am I just spinning yarns?

    The answer to アイスクリーム____、プリンも 買いまし, treats all of them interchangeably but maybe that’s just because there isn’t enough context in that sentence to make one or another better?

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