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Not only...but also..., Starting with


Noun + をはじめ(として)
Noun + をはじめとする + Noun


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About をはじめ

When presenting a topic in Japanese as a 'starting point', (はじ) will often be used to show any logic (or planned) progressions from that point. This is often translated as 'not only (A), but (B)', or 'starting with (A), (B)'.
To use (はじ), one noun will be highlighted as the starting point, before another (or several others) will appear in part (B) of the sentence.
  • この会社(かいしゃ)(くるま)(はじ)、ロケットなど(つく)ている
    Not only does this company make cars, but it also makes rockets.
  • (わたし)近所(きんじょ)は、公園(こうえん)をはじめ博物館(はくぶつかん)など、プラネタリウムがある
    Not only is there a park in my neighborhood, but also a museum, and a planetarium.
Due to sentences featuring をはじめ placing emphasis on (A) as a starting point, additional expressions such as として (or とする) will sometimes be paired with it. These structures function to further emphasize (A), and are similar to 'with (A) as the starting point, (B)'.
  • ストリートファッションはアメリカ(はじ)として世界中(せかいじゅう)進出(しんしゅつ)ていく
    With America as the starting point, street fashion spread all over the world.
  • この商品(しょうひん)(たまご)をはじめとする(おお)アレルゲン(ふく)まれている
    Starting with eggs, there are many allergens in this product. (Eggs being the primary allergen)




    I am going on a countrywide tour starting in Tokyo.


    Starting with Japanese, I would also like to learn Korean and Chinese.


    Starting in Europe, I want to travel the world.


    Please teach teachers, as well as students.


    I plan to set up various devices, starting with computers.

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をはじめ – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (4 in total)

  • eefara


    I found this example sentence with the “not only but also” meaning:
    Could be they snuck it in afterwards.

    Related to this, are there any cues showing which meaning をはじめ is giving to the sentence? Devoid of context, is there any way to tell? For example, the example sentence
    feels like it could go either way, “starting with” or “not only but also”.
    Or this sentence:

  • Daru


    Basically its all going to be computer-related machines! Remember that をはじめ establishes the subject and keeps building on that.

  • Madsgeltingbech


    I got this sentence incorrect for typing はもちろん instead of をはじめ.

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