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N4 Lesson 9: 10/16


To continue


Verb[ます+ 続ける


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About つづける

By attaching the verb (つづ)ける 'to continue' to the conjunctive form of another verb, we will be able to express that '(A) is continuing'. Let's have a look at a few examples of this structure.
  • サリー(くら)くなるまで(はし)(つづ)ける
    Sally will continue to run until it gets dark.
  • (わたし)漢字(かんじ)(おぼ)まで(おな)漢字(かんじ)()(つづ)ける
    I will continue to write the same kanji until I memorize it.
There is a difference in nuance between connecting one verb to another verb through the conjunctive form, or through the use of the conjunction particle . The former implies that '(A) is being done in the way of (B)', while the latter implies that '(A) is being done, and then (B)'.
  • 日本語(にほんご)(むずか)けど勉強(べんきょう)頑張(がんば)(つづ)ける
    Japanese is difficult, but I will give it my best and continue with study. (Emphasis on the continuation of studying)
  • 日本語(にほんご)(むずか)しいけど勉強(べんきょう)頑張(がんば)(つづ)ける
    Japanese is difficult, but I will continue giving it my best with study. (Emphasis on the continuation of giving it one's best)



  • テレビ()つづけるつもりです

    Do you plan to continue to watch TV?

    • 文法(ぶんぽう)間違(まちが)(なお)(つづ)たらどう

      Why don't you try to continue to fix your grammar mistakes?

      • あの警察官(けいさつかん)一時間(いちじかん)以上(いじょう)見回(みまわ)(つづ)けた

        That police officer continued to patrol around for over one hour.

        • (おお)きい(さかな)()まで()(つづ)ます

          I will continue to fish until I catch a big fish.

          • まっすぐ()(ある)(つづ)なさい

            Look straight, and continue walking!

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            つづける – Grammar Discussion

            Most Recent Replies (6 in total)

            • simias


              I tried answering a review using the continuous form of ~続ける and it was rejected:

              Even if you give that dog a treat, it will continue to bark.

              My proposition:


              I realized after the fact that 続ける in itself already carries the “continuation” part so it would be redundant, but I wonder if there’s any situation where 続けている would make sense?

            • Fuga


              Hey @simias !

              The main reason 続けている was not accepted here is because the would change the meaning of the translation to ‘Even if you give that dog a treat, is is still continuing to bark’, because it is using a different tense then the first part of the sentence, and it sounds as unnatural in Japanese as it does in English.

              It would work if the sentence was さっきワンちゃんに餌をあげたのに、鳴き続けている。‘Even though I gave that dog a treat earlier, it is still barking (it ihas been continuously barking)’.

              I hope that makes sense!

            • simias


              It does! Greatly appreciated!

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