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N2 Lesson 2: 21/24

to relate to, to have to do with, concerning, depends on

Noun + にかかわる
Noun + にかかわる + Noun
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When grouped with に, the う-Verb 関(かか)わる 'to be concerned with' is frequently used to show a relation between (A) and (B). This grammar pattern may be translated as 'relating to (A), (B)', concerning (A), (B)', or '(B) that has to do with (A)'.
This structure appears after nouns, and is occasionally followed directly to a second noun in order to modify its meaning. Also, it is most common to see this pattern in its non-kanji form.
  • あの試験(しけん)は私(わたし)の人生(じんせい)にかかわるので、一生懸命(いっしょうけんめい)勉強(べんきょう)しなくてはならない。
    ​​I have to study hard for that exam because my life depends on it.
  • 別(べつ)に命(いのち)にかかわる病気(びょうき)では無(な)いので、すぐに治療(ちりょう)する必要(ひつよう)はないです。
    This is not a disease that will affect your life, so there is no need to treat it immediately.
This grammar pattern may also highlight that (A) is something that the speaker should be cautious about, due to a potential negative outcome.
  • この面接(めんせつ)は私(わたし)の人生(じんせい)にかかわるので、頑張(がんば)らなければいけない。
    This interview concerns my life, so I must do my best.
  • そのファイルにはお客様(きゃくさま)にかかわる大切(たいせつ)な情報(じょうほう)が記載(きさい)されているので何(なに)があっても絶対(ぜったい)無(な)くさないようにしてください。
    That file contains important information concerning our customers, so please do not lose it at all costs.
Caution - Despite being similar to に関(かん)する, にかかわる implies a deeper, more important relationship between (A) and (B), so they are not completely interchangeable.
  • このツールの使(つか)い方(かた)にかかわる質問(しつもん)はありますか?
    Do you have any questions that have to do with how to use this tool? (Unnatural Japanese)
  • このツールの使(つか)い方(かた)に関(かん)する質問(しつもん)はありますか?
    Do you have any questions concerning how to use this tool? (Natural Japanese)
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A doctor's job has to do with life.
The future of our company depends on this product's success.
The rise and fall of the Bitcoin market depends on the enforcement of its regulation.
A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns
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