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N3 Lesson 9: 17/22

as soon as

Verb[ます+ 次第
[する]Verb + 次第
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次第(しだい) is a noun that is often translated in different ways, depending on what type of word it follows. In this lesson, we will look at the meaning associated with the conjunctive form of standard verbs, and the stem of する verbs. Although it is a noun, 次第(しだい) may also be classified simply as a suffix in many cases.
Basically, 次第(しだい) means 'next in sequence after (A)', and is often translated to 'as soon as (A)'.
  • 用意(ようい)出来(でき)次第(しだい)、僕(ぼく)声(こえ)かけてください
    As soon as you get ready, please let me know.
  • ミュージカル終(お)わり次第(しだい)、連絡(れんらく)ください。
    Please call me as soon as the musical ends.
  • 待(ま)ち合(あ)わせ場所(ばしょ)到着(とうちゃく)し次第(しだい)、私(わたし)連絡(れんらく)してください
    Please give me a call as soon as you arrive at the meet up spot.
Fun Fact
One of the most important things to keep in mind with 次第(しだい), is that the literal meaning in almost every situation is 'determining sequence'. This is unlike any standard phrase in English, but simply expresses that (A) is what will govern (B). Let's look at how this translates with different word types.
Verb 次第(しだい) - Verb determines the sequence of (B). Since a verb is not capable of making a choice, (A) simply 'happening' will result in (B).
  • 計画(けいかく)決(き)まり次第(しだい)、あなた報告(ほうこく)します。
    I will notify you as soon as we decide on the plan.
Living noun 次第(しだい) - Noun determines the sequence of (B). Since living things can make choices, (B) will depend on (A).
  • 行(い)くか行(い)かないかは君(きみ)次第(しだい)よ。
    Whether you go or not will depend on you.
Inanimate/abstract noun 次第(しだい) - Noun determines the sequence of (B). Since inanimate/abstract things cannot make choices, (A) will determine (B)'s course of action. (B) will usually involve some kind of decision.
  • 6人(にん)も乗(の)れるかは車(くるま)サイズ次第(しだい)ね。
    Whether or not 6 people can fit will depend on the size of the car.
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Let me know as soon as the movie is over because I’ll go pick you up.
Please tell (teach) me the homework answers as soon as you know them.
The rally will resume as soon as the rain stops.