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N3 Lesson 1: 4/22


While, During, Between, Period


Verb + (あいだ)
[い]Adjective + (あいだ)
[な]Adjective + + (あいだ)
Noun + + (あいだ)


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About の間に

(あいだ) is an expression that can be used with almost any type of word, to highlight that (A) is the period/space within which something else will or did happen/exist. It may also be a period/space 'until' something else will or did happen/exist. It is a combination of the noun (あいだ), and the case marking particle .
When used with verbs or い-Adjectives, (あいだ) will simply follow the verb/adjective. However, の will be required after nouns, while な will be required after な-Adjectives.
  • あくびている(あいだ)(わら)わせないでって(まえ)()ったじゃないか
    I told you before not to make me laugh while I'm yawning!
  • (わか)(あいだ)色々(いろいろ)経験(けいけん)(ほう)がいいです
    It would be better if you experience many different things while you are young.
  • (ひま)(あいだ)部屋(へや)片付(かたづ)しておこう。
    While I'm free, I should clean my room. (Because I can't when I am busy)
  • 冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ)シンクの(あいだ)(はし)()としてしまった。
    I accidentally dropped a chopstick between the sink and the refrigerator.
When (あいだ) is being used to express the period/space 'until' something happens/exists, it will be paired with まで.
  • 1(がつ)から4(がつ)まで(あいだ)日本(にほん)()きたい(おも)います
    I think I want to go to Japan sometime between January and April.
  • 13()から15()までの(あいだ)連絡(れんらく)ください。
    Please give us a call from the period of between 1pm and 3 pm.
With (あいだ), the (B) action/location is usually something that can or did happen/exist at a 'specific' point during (A), and does/did not take up the whole time-frame/space of (A). In this way, it can translate more literally as 'in the span of (A)'. This comes from the kanji (あいだ)'s common meaning as 'an interval'.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)冬休(ふゆやす)みの(あいだ)地元(じもと)(かえ)った。
    She went back to her home town during winter break.
  • コンタクト()(あいだ)ゴミ(はい)って、()とても(いた)い。
    My eye is extremely sore because I got something between my contact and my eye.





    Please don't come here between 2pm and 3pm today.


    I cannot always clean while busy.


    Please call me while I am free.


    During the time that I had before going to work I wanted to clean, but it was not possible.


    Please call me while I am at home.

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の間に – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (21 in total)

  • Daru


    This grammar point always refers to space!

    The first sentence is “in the valley in the space between the mountains”, whilst the second one is “between two tall people”, like you’ve correctly pointed out.

    Could you give a bit more clarification on what is it that you feel like you’re missing? To me it seems like you have a good grasp.

  • razmic


    For this,
    During a long voyage, I became a real sailor.
    Is there a reason I could not use の序でに instead of の間に?
    Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere.

  • willemvanhazendonk


    then how about the following sentences


    I assume the latter would be wrong/unnatural since it became a select time frame due to いつも
    while i am busy i cant always clean / or always while busy i cannot clean.

    then theres the following sentence:
    would the first one imply that because the baby fell asleep he won’t be able to eat anymore? wheres the second sentence simply states that the baby fell asleep?

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