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while, during, between, period

Verb + 間に
[い]Adjective + 間に
[な]Adjective + + 間に
Noun + + 間に
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間(あいだ)に, is an expression that can be used with almost any type of word, to highlight that (A) is the period/space within which something else will or did happen/exist, or a period/space ‘until’ which something else will or did happen/exist. It is a combination of the noun 間(あいだ), and the 格助詞(かくじょし) (case marking particle) .
When used with verbs or い-Adjectives, 間(あいだ)に will simply follow the verb/adjective. However, の will be required after nouns, while な will be required after な-Adjectives.
  • あくびている間(あいだ)に笑(わら)わせないでって前(まえ)も言(い)ったじゃないか
    I told you before not to make me laugh while I'm yawning!
  • 若(わか)い間(あいだ)に色々(いろいろ)な経験(けいけん)た方(ほう)がいいです
    It would be better if you experience many different things while you are young.
  • 暇(ひま)な間(あいだ)に、部屋(へや)片付(かたづ)けしておこう。
    While I’m free, I should clean my room. (Because I can’t when I am busy)
  • 冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ)シンクの間(あいだ)に箸(はし)落(お)としてしまった。
    I accidentally dropped a chopstick between the sink and the refrigerator.
When 間(あいだ)に is being used to express the period/space ‘until’ something happens/exists, it will be paired with まで.
  • 1月(がつ)から4月(がつ)まで間(あいだ)に日本(にほん)行(い)きたいと思(おも)います
    I think I want to go to Japan sometime between January and April.
  • 13時(じ)から15時(じ)までの間(あいだ)に連絡(れんらく)ください。
    Please give us a call from the period of between 1pm and 3 pm.
With 間(あいだ)に, the (B) action/location is usually something that can or did happen/exist at a ‘specific’ point during (A), and does/did not take up the whole time-frame/space of (A). In this way, it can translate more literally as ‘in the span of (A)’. This comes from the kanji 間(あいだ)’s common meaning as ‘an interval’.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)は冬休(ふゆやす)みの間(あいだ)に地元(じもと)帰(かえ)った。
    She went back to her home town during winter break.
  • コンタクト目(め)の間(あいだ)にゴミ入(はい)って、目(め)とても痛(いた)い。
    My eye is extremely sore because I got something between my contact and my eye.
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Please don't come here between 2pm and 3pm today.
I cannot always clean while busy.
Please call me while I am free.
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