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N5 Lesson 9: 5/13

Please do (polite request)

In casual speech, ください can be omitted, resulting in the request finishing in て

Verb[て]+ ください
Politeness Levels
Part of Speech Expression
Word Type Conjunctive Particle
Register Polite
品詞 表現
単語の種類 接続助詞
使用域 敬語
てください is a polite expression that is used for asking people to do something. It is most often translated as ‘please do (A)’.
  • 手(て)洗(あら)ってください
    Please wash your hands.
  • これ見(み)てください
    Please look at this.
ください is actually classified as 尊敬語(そんけいご), a type of polite speech that is used to refer to the actions of other people. くださる itself is the base form of this verb. While ください is exclusively used for making requests. くださる is the polite (sonkeigo) equivalent of くれる.
In friendly conversation, ください can be omitted from this expression, and the form itself can be used as a very casual way of saying ‘please do (A)’.
  • ちょっとテレビ消(け)し
    Hey, can you turn off the TV? (ちょっと is often used simply to get the attention of the listener)
  • クッキー作(つく)っから食(た)べ
    Because I made cookies, you can eat them.
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Please read this book.
Please eat.
Please stop.
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