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N3 Lesson 2: 21/22

based on, in accordance with

Noun + 基づいて
Noun + に基づい + Noun
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In order to say that one thing is ‘based on’ another in Japanese, the expression に基(もと)づいて will be used. This is a combination of the 格助詞(かくじょし) (case marking particle) に, the う - Verb, 基(もと)づく ‘to originate from’, and the 接続助詞(せつぞくじょし) (conjunction particle) て. This expression regularly highlights some kind of judgement/conclusion that the speaker has made, using (A) as their base.
To use に基(もと)づいて, put the noun (or noun phrase) that you would like to identify as a ‘basis’ before に基(もと)づいて, and then express your judgment/conclusion in part (B) of the sentence.
  • クライアント指示(しじ)に基(もと)づいて、編集(へんしゅう)しておきました。
    I have edited this based on the client's instructions. (Edited in advance, assuming that would be the client’s wishes)
  • 以前(いぜん)成功(せいこう)した計画(けいかく)に基(もと)づいて、新(あたら)しい計画(けいかく)立(た)てようと思(おも)っています
    I am thinking of making a new plan based on the previous successful plan.
Alternatively, the past form of 基(もと)づく may be used when connected directly to a second noun. (A) に基(もと)づいた (B) directly expresses that (B) is based on (A).
  • 私(わたし)は実話(じつわ)に基(もと)づいた映画(えいが)好(す)きです
    I like movies based on true stories.
  • 来週(らいしゅう)までに、アンケートに基(もと)づいたグラフ作成(さくせい)してください
    By next week, please make a graph based on these surveys.
Fun Fact
The kanji 基(もと) is fairly accurately translated as ‘foundation’, and is regularly used to highlight things that ‘stem’ from something. Due to this, に基(もと)づいて may also be used to identify things that are ‘produced from (A)’, ‘created from (A)’, or ‘invented based on (A)’.
  • あの国(くに)法律(ほうりつ)は宗教(しゅうきょう)に基(もと)づいて作(つく)られている
    That country's law is founded on religion.
  • 先月(せんげつ)貰(もら)った資料(しりょう)に基(もと)づいてこのレポート書(か)きました。
    I wrote this paper based on the documents you gave me last month.
  • この小説(しょうせつ)は歴史(れきし)的(てき)実話(じつわ)に基(もと)づいてかかれている
    This novel is written based on true historical events.
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