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N4 Lesson 10: 1/18


So that, In order to, In such a way that


Verb[る](1) + ように + Phrase
Verb[できる](2) + ように + Phrase

(1) Verb[ない]
(2) Verb[できる][ない]


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About ように

When partnered with verbs in the potential form, or in the negative form, the auxiliary verb ようだ (in its adverbial form ように) implies that the speaker has a lack of direct control over an outcome, and therefore is 'trying to do (B) in the manner of (A)', but cannot guarantee the result. This grammar point is usually translated as 'to do (A) in such a way that will enable (B)', or 'in order to allow (B)'.
To use ように in this way, simply add it to the non-past form of any verb in its negative, potential, or standard conjugation.
  • (かあ)さんから(はな)ないように()つな
    I hold my mothers hands so that I won't get separated from her.
  • 泥棒(どろぼう)(はい)ないように(いえ)カギ()
    I lock my house, so that burglars can't come in.
  • マイケルジャクソンみたい(おど)れるように毎日(まいにち)ダンス練習(れんしゅう)する
    I practice dancing everyday, so that I can dance like Michael Jackson.
  • 日本語(にほんご)ペラペラ(はな)せるように毎日(まいにち)近所(きんじょ)(ひと)日本語(にほんご)(はなし)ている
    I speak Japanese with my neighbor everyday, so that I can speak Japanese fluently.
As mentioned in our lesson about potential verbs, する does not actually have a potential form, and therefore できる will be used instead.
  • 勉強(べんきょう)できように(つくえ)(うえ)掃除(そうじ)した
    I tidied up my desk so that I could study.
  • 平日(へいじつ)スキー出来(でき)ように仕事(しごと)(やす)んだ
    I took the day off of work, in order to be able to ski on a weekday.





    For example, I wear warm clothes so that I won't catch a cold.


    Because I have bad eyes, I moved the chair closer to the TV so that I can see the subtitles.


    It is necessary to close the kitchen cabinets so that children won't get near knives and the like.


    I plan to explain it in such a way that he will be able to understand.


    I always take notes so that I won't forget important things.

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ように – Grammar Discussion

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  • Ambo100


    AIAJ has this pattern which I found most helpful in understanding the structure.

    ‘X のように Y’ means ‘Y so that X’

  • Howl_UK


    Link to Misa’s video for this grammar point.

  • Howl_UK


    I just watched this as well. I think I prefer her to Misa actually. She is amazingly clear and thorough.

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