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No wonder, After all, In fact, Because, At any rate


(なに)しろ + Phrase


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About 何しろ

Although a combination of the substitute noun (なに) and the imperative form of する, しろ, (なに)しろ is often considered to be a singular adverb that carries the meaning of 'no wonder', or 'after all'. A more literal translation would be something like 'whatever the case, (A)', and just expresses that in any circumstance, only one conclusion can accurately be drawn in regard to (A).
(なに)しろ will frequently appear at the beginning of a sentence, or at the start of the second clause.
  • (なに)しろ(かれ)はまだ(はじ)めたばかりなので大目(おおめ)()てやってください。
    After all, he is new, so please cut him some slack.
  • (かれ)はできて()たり(まえ)だよ。(なに)しろ(かれ)はプロなんだから。
    It's no wonder he can do it. After all, he is a professional.
(なに)しろ will regularly be seen partnered with statements including words like から or ので, in order to emphasize an explanation or reason as to why (A) is the way it is.
  • (なに)しろ今日(きょう)普段(ふだん)より(あつ)かったからクタクタだよ。
    After all, it was hotter than usual today, so I'm exhausted.
  • (なに)しろこの商品(しょうひん)不便(ふべん)すぎるので、どれだけ値下(ねさ)げをしても()れないでしょう。
    After all, this product is too inconvenient and will not sell no matter how low the price goes.





    Bunpou-chan: 'Why the long face?'
    Glasses-kun: 'Isn't it obvious why I am sad? After all, my girlfriend dumped me.'


    A: 'Little Tommy finally fell asleep, right?'
    B:' No wonder, it's because he got tired from playing all day.'


    Because it is so hot. It's no wonder that I have lost my appetite.


    At any rate, the deadline is drawing near. Won't you hurry up?


    At any rate, since his math foundation is not up to par, it is difficult to teach him math.

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