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Even if, Even though




(1) じゃなくて


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About ても

The combination of the conjunction particle (or the case-marking particle ), with the adverbial particle , often has the nuance of 'even if (A)', or 'even though (A)'.
To use this structure, simply conjugate a verb or い-Adjective into its て-form, and then add .
For nouns and な-Adjectives, でも will be used instead.
  • あの(ひと)()ても(なに)()わりません
    Nothing will change even if you talk to him.
  • (ちゃ)(つめ)たくても美味(おい)から()です
    I like tea because it tastes good even if it is cold.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)仕事(しごと)大変(たいへん)でも(あきら)ません
    She will not give up on work even if it is difficult.
  • (やす)電子(でんし)レンジでも弁当(べんとう)(あたた)られます
    Even with a cheap microwave you can warm up bentos.
This grammar pattern may also be used for highlighting negative sentences, and will translate similarly to 'even if not (A)', or 'even though not (A)' in these cases.
  • これ明日(あした)までに()わらなくてもいいから
    It's okay even if you don't finish this by tomorrow.
  • (あたま)(いた)くなくてもこの(くすり)()でください
    Please take this medicine, even if your head doesn't hurt.
  • 野菜(やさい)()じゃなくても()(ほう)がいい
    Even if you don't like vegetables, you should eat them.
  • 運転手(うんてんしゅ)じゃなくてもシートベルトなくてはいけない
    Even if you're not the driver, you need to wear your seatbelt.
Fun Fact
でも (the form after nouns and な-Adjectives) is often considered to be an adverbial particle itself, and there is often debate amongst native speakers as to whether でも is actually a word, or simply a standard grouping of , the case marking particle and , the adverbial particle. However, It may be easier to remember でも as its own word, for learning purposes.



  • 映画館(えいがかん)()ても()たい映画(えいが)がない

    Even if I were to go to the movie theater, there aren't any movies I want to see.

  • サッカー練習(れんしゅう)ても全然(ぜんぜん)上手(じょうず)になれない

    Even if I practice soccer, I can't improve.

  • 子供(こども)何回(なんかい)()きて()ても()きなかった

    Even though I told the kid to wake up multiple times, he didn't get up.

  • 試合(しあい)()ても(あきら)ません

    Even if I lose the game, I won't quit.

  • トレーニングても()ない

    Even if I work out, I don't lose weight.

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ても – Grammar Discussion

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  • yousefb


    Hi, can you explain the difference between this grammar point and のに (grammar point 130). At a first glance they seem to be interchangeable but I keep making mistakes in reviews not knowing which one to use for a “even though…” type sentence.

  • IcyIceBear


    It might be helpful to think of のに as “despite”. If you can put “despite” in the sentence, it won’t be asking for ても

  • yousefb


    What about the example below? I think you can use “despite” in it but it does not accept のに

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